Magnet Data Reports

Magnet design properties and magnet measurement results for some Fermilab magnets are available here.
Please visit our new MagnetData web site which is under development.

Series Report Magnet design types (series) are designated by multi-letter designation. Each device will be assigned a serial ID for which we use integers. A typical device series might require magnets to be repaired or improved and the resulting properties will be different. We identify these with a rework ID. With this approach, a typical magnet will be identified by it series, serial ID and rework ID as in IDA009-0 for the 9th IDA dipole in its initial configuration.
Information about magnet types is available in the Series Report.

Main Injector Project Magnet Data

The Main Injector magnet measurement data are stored in a database. It collects measurements on more then 1000 magnets, and consists of about 2,000,000 rows of data. Information for the main dipoles and quadrupoles is selected from the database and reported at five currents for each magnet type. See Conventions used for representing measured data including transformations from the Main Injector database to the accelerator modeling frame.

Six output files are created:

lists of dipoles and focusing and defocusing quadrupoles
magnet strength report which collects statistics for all group of magnets
harmonics report which collects all input (measured parameters from database) and output (parameters transformed to the accelerator frame) data
harmonics report which collects normal and skew components for each type of magnet
input file for MAD with relative values of harmonics amplitude and rotation
input file for MAD with absolute values of normal and skew components

260 output files in total are presented here.

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